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The great profile done by Canadian Packaging magazine on one of our most valued customers, Nita Beer, made us take a closer look into the world of Craft Breweries. As the article below further details, the North American marketplace has seen tremendous growth within this sector. An almost unprecedented "increase of almost 70% in the last five years" As the competition rages on between Master Brewers, the smaller to mid-sized based breweries try to set themselves up for success by coming up with unique products that don't get lost in the crowd. As always, DuraFast Label Company, is there to help right-size our potential clients by ensuring they're set-up to not only compete, but also succeed. So, grab a brew and read along on what trends future Master Brewers are looking towards for continued success as they fight for both shelf space and the consumer's taste.

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Crafty Beer Drinker
Quite interesting and fun read. 

I'm currently brewing some small batches out of my basement. It's nothing big and mostly enjoyed by friends and family. However, the bit about the Private Labels helped provide a spark in my mind. Anyways, I'd be interested in receiving label samples from some of the printers to see if it'll help bolster our brand in the near-future.

Cheers to More Beers...
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We have quite a few solutions which will suffice your printing needs. To get a better understanding of the various printers, if you can send us a design file for one of your labels designs, we can print it on all the printers and mail it to you. This will allow you to see the difference in print technology along with the ink cost analysis, which will help you better understand the various options available and see which solution best fits your needs.

Feel free to forward your contact and shipping info to

Look forward to discussing the different solutions with you.

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