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DuraFast Label Company played an important role in the Vape Revolution, which saw a major boom in the recent surge of Electronic Cigarettes along with E-Liquids. As consumer demand grew within the industry, DuraFast built many on-going relationships throughout North America with Vendors, Suppliers and Distributors alike. We've seen some vendors go from mixing their products in their homes to expanding to pristine, well-equipped and regulated facilities. Whether it was a home-based business or a major distributor, DuraFast was ever present in right-sizing the potential clientele with the perfect on-demand Color Label Printing solution. The demand was such that we committed to creating various labels sizes specifically for E-Juice Bottles, whether they be 30, 60, 100 mL or more. The lessons we learned and the relationships we've cultivated have better positioned us to play an even greater role in the fast approaching Cannabis Revolutionary.

As the Canadian Liberal Party readies itself to introduce federal marijuana legislation in the Spring of 2017, as of November 9, 2016, the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana has been entirely legalized in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The trend seems to continue bucking upwards as more and more inquires are coming into DuraFast regarding labels for the Marijuana Industry. Local growers, start-up dispensaries and even some of our existing customers within the Vape Industry are excited by the recent developments. As previously mentioned and as the article below details, DuraFast is ready to continue working hand-in-hand with both potential and existing clients to ensure that their products are properly labelled. 

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